1. Respond to homeowner requests or concerns and take necessary actions to address their needs within the guidelines established by the Board of Directors.
  2. Provide follow-up of service requests.
  3. Regular customer service hours are from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Monday through friday.
  4. A 7 day, 24 hour answering service and paging system is provided to enable Association Members to contact an ACE staff member for emergencies during nights, weekends and holidays.
ACE Property Management Inc. maintains separate and complete records for each Association. No co-mingling of funds! For an Associations Board of Directors we provide the following services;

  1. Prepare monthly assessment billings. Collect assessments and delinquencies.
  2. Monitor delinquencies and refer unpaid accounts for legal action.
  3. Prepare checks for Board signature for the Association’s bills: track prepaid/accrued expenses.
  4. Prepare payroll where applicable.
  5. Prepare monthly financial statement including:

– Balance Sheet
– Operating budget/Income and Expense Statement
– Reserve Analysis Report
– Aged Delinquency Report
– Accounts Payable Report
– Reconciled Bank Statements for Checking and Investment Accounts
– Itemized Invoice/Expense Report
– Check Register

  1. Assist the Board Treasurer in preparing the annual budget for the association 60 days in advance of the fiscal year end. Monitor annual budget.
  2. Prepare 1099’s and W-2’s where applicable.
  3. Coordinate yearly audit with the Association’s CPA.
  4. Maintain all records as required by the Association.
  1. Assign a qualified property manager to your community who coordinates all areas of operational and financial services.
  2. Guide and assist the Association’s Board of Directors in the performance of its duties as well as advise the Board on proper methods of planning and maintaining the needs of the community.
  3. Advise and administrate on matters regarding CC&R’s.
  4. Attend Board meetings and prepare Board Packets, which include: Agenda, Minutes of Board Meetings, Manager’s Action Item Report, Relevant Correspondence, Documentation and Contracts, and Monthly Financial and Delinquency Reports.
  5. Follow through on Board Action items in a timely manner.
  6. Stay informed about the ever-changing corporate requirements, legislative issues, and financial structuring of the Association Management industry and provide professional advice regarding these issues.
  7. Inspect the property regularly to ensure high standard of maintenance and care of the Association.
  8. Solicit and negotiate proposals/contracts for necessary repairs or services to be done to the common areas of the Association.
  9. Administrate major repair or development projects (i.e. roof repairs or replacements, landscape development, major structural repair, etc.)
  10. Architectural Control application processing and advice.
  11. Creation and distribution of Newsletters as needed to Members.
  12. Process insurance claims for the Association.
  13. Provide clerical services required by the Board in the conduct of normal business.
As every Association is unique, ACE Property Management, Inc. fees and services are customized depending on the size of the property and the amount of management services requested. ACE will work with the Board of Directors to insure our service offerings fit your Association’s requirements.

ACE Property Management, Inc.’s proven and professional methods of management, purchasing, and maintenance can often reduce the property’s operating expense, partially offsetting the management fee. Looked at another way, the cost of one serious mistake made by unprofessional “do-it-yourself” management can be much more than the fee for the professional management.

ACE will complete an evaluation of the Association’s Site, Financial, and Administrative Management procedures within the first month of the contract. The specifics are as follows:

Site Management:

  • Evaluate the current condition of the landscaping and irrigation system.
  • Evaluate the current condition of the streets, parking and driveway areas.
  • Evaluate the general maintenance of the complex. Lights, mailboxes, windows, doors, trim, asphalt, parking stalls or garages, trash containers, etc.
  • Evaluate reserves component program where available, and recommend commencement of any bid process as necessary.
  • Set up a preventive maintenance program via a project inspection.

Financial Management:

Program into our designed data base for maintaining the accounting records. This includes dues receivable, accounts payable, cash disbursements, budget-to-actual operating income and expense, fixed assets, journal of accounts and owners/tenants records.

  • Verify that all cash balances are accurate according to the bank statements.
  • Complete a detailed analysis of balance sheet accounts.
  • Verify the current record of owners, addresses, phone numbers and tenants where available.
  • Evaluate past due receivables and start collection procedures of assessments as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Establish a payment schedule for vendors.
  • Evaluate the location of cash to verify a competitive return on reserves.
  • Evaluate the current funding of reserves.
  • Evaluate the current budget.
  • Establish a filing system for complete organization of the Association’s records.


  • Review the By-Laws, CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations. Make suggestions for changes or improvements, including sample residents’ handbooks.
  • Review current vendors; meet with contractors to evaluate the complex and their schedule of duties.
  • Build list of vendors responsible for each aspect of your Association
  • Handle collection procedures of assessments, handle violations and send out violation letters.
  • Work with legal advisor updating past due accounts, and status of any pending litigation