About Us

Yvette Lee, Attorney at Law, MCRP, REB, CEO

Our mission and vision here at ACE is to protect and enhance your property’s value by maintaining it in the best possible condition through proper budgeting and long range planning. Our goal is to both serve the property owners’ interests at the highest possible level, while also making sure that the residents continue to enjoy the property and the surrounding environment. To achieve this goal, first, we will ensure that there is an effective maintenance schedule; and second, we will pro-actively research ways to reduce expenses. In the context of HOA’s, we continually strive to find ways to keep the homeowners’ dues at the lowest possible level, while still being able to keep up with all expenses related to the property. This includes keeping up with cost of living increases, meeting expenses, and building reserves. We also apply a similar strategy in our management of residential, commercial, and industrial properties: keeping expenses as low as possible while still protecting the property’s value and maintaining high tenant satisfaction.

About my background: I am an attorney, and I have been practicing law since 1998. I have a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning. Also, I have taken extensive courses at the graduate level in Public Administration and Business Administration. I worked for Citibank in Korea for ten years when it first launched its retail banking operation there, and I was one of the pioneer project team members responsible for the initial retail banking operation set up. I have had my real estate broker’s license since 2001, and I have been preparing myself to enter into the field of property management since that time. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and speak with you personally in order to develop a working relationship that is mutually beneficial, satisfying, and long-lasting.

Paul Polk, CCAM, Executive Vice President

ACE Property Management is an established leader in Community Association Management in the Bay area. We have managed a number of associations for over 20 years – a strong testimony to our ability to not just talk about customer service but to actually deliver it year in and year out. I am Paul Polk, CCAM, an active Association Manager as well as being responsible for the overall association business.

Under my leadership ACE has recently implemented a number of procedures to improve communication with Board members as well as general membership of the Association’s we manage. Board packets and newsletters are delivered electronically; governing documents and minutes are available in PDF format; task lists and inspection reports are included in Board packets; and a request for quote/work order system is in place with vendors.

I have degrees in systems analysis and computer science and worked as an engineer and project manager for several years. I have the experience needed to determine a project’s scope, assemble the team to implement the project, and make sure all is done on time and within budget.

After years working as an engineer, I later went into high-tech sales and worked in international sales for over twenty years. This gave me a sound foundation in how to prioritize, how to deal with many action items simultaneously, how to work well with a diverse group of people, and how to make a coherent response to that 3:00AM emergency call.

At ACE I draw upon my background and experience to use technology to help deliver superior customer service. ACE has processes and systems in place to enable us to achieve our goal: “Professional Service Delivered Personally”.